You have 15 days from receiving the item(s) to return your order as long as:

- All items are in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

- Any safety seals are not damaged and all labels are retained.

In a situation where there is an error by the seller, the seller pays the return shipping fee if an agreement isn't reached for the buyer to keep the item.

In case of buyer's remorse or wrong order by the buyer, the buyer pays the return shipping fee.

When the item is shipped for return, the buyer is to provide the tracking number to the seller. Immediately after the item is delivered to the seller, the seller will issue a refund of the full amount of the purchase to the buyer through the original payment method the buyer used to pay for the item.

To initiate the return process, please contact us through the contact form on the contact page.

FAQs About Returns

1) What is the deadline to apply for a return?

You must apply within 15 days of receiving the item(s). To return items, you must keep them in perfect condition, without using or removing the labels and the original packaging.

2) How do I ship multiple items?

If you are returning multiple items, please return them together. If you return the goods one by one, an additional shipping fee may be charged.

3) How long does it take to be refunded in full?

A full refund will be given once we have received your package and confirmed that the conditions for reimbursement have been met. The item will typically take 15 days to be delivered but this depends on the shipping method. We will take a day or two to review the items and the payment platform will take 2-3 days to process the refund. You should be able to receive your refund approximately 20 days after returning the item. The sooner you return the item(s), the sooner you will get your refund!

4) How do you deliver/deposit the refund?

Your refund will be returned using the same method used for the original payment of the purchase.

5) How can I make an exchange instead of a return?

We're sorry, but item exchanges are not currently supported. However, you may place a new order before or after receiving a refund, since the return order and the new order are independent processes